B r i c k  L a n e  C i r c l e

Previously as an individual I have studied to MA level, bringing the knowledge of copyright and introduction of digital Bangladeshi, working with the Bangladesh Liberation War Museum and Britain’s Imperial War Museum and its “Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide Across the World Project.”  

I have helped design and deliver two lectures, which are now archived in the film and sound archive, as I brought one hour lectures to the Imperial War Museum staff intranet, before YouTube came out with 3 minute videos, digitizing 100 photographs, five of which have been included in an exhibition in the Imperial War Museum, London and Bangladesh Liberation War Museum in Dhaka.
This project exploring East India Company history through the Brick Lane Circle initiative has allowed me to glance once again at British Bengali history and the age of Empire through the facts.
Now I would like to set up my own organization with people who are like-minded.


Hustle and the Lascar Shuffle, Defying the Hands of Time

‘ This  story is about the maiden commissioned voyage of the triple-decker East India Company military merchant ship called the Broxbornebury. She departed from the international London East India Dock with her anointed letter of marque which meant that on her maiden voyage, on the 22nd of February 1814, she had a licence to kill. Accompanying the Broxbornebury was a double-decker convict ship called Surrey, with a lower section being only five-foot tall, destined for Australia’s port of New South Wales.’

Helping to transform the intellectual landscape of the Bangladeshi community in the UK and celebrate the amazing British diversity

Previously worked with Heritage funding, working with Bangladeshi nationals now settled in London’s Waterloo area. I brought Heritage funding interest to an oral history project, talking about the autonomy and life experiences of the birth of a Bangladeshi.
Current interest, looking at Bengal history and the East India Company story.

Love Bangladesh History, celebrating the truths through protocols and procedures accepted by a Western palate. My tastes and cultural upbringing stem from my observations of a nervous cockney accent, business talking pigeon English, even Nigerian accent, with my academic studies delivering talks in her majesty’s Queen’s English and more.

1.    My writing content catered to the demands of the commissioner or publisher.
2.    To contemporary popular culture, accessing historical references from academic name-dropping, but also from life experiences.
3.    To a specific audience, knowing that audience for me was and remains to be an academically versed audience, exposed to real world cultures.
4.    To word count restrictions, with the boundaries of pushing the line that divides and the borders that bind.
5.    To the constraints of fiction, borrowing truths from accepted references of reality – exposure to the British Library and up to 20 other public access libraries and resources from Museums, Archives and accessible acquisitions.
6.    To understanding the strength of my relationship with my wife, as she says, “Gotta get paid…No free stuff.”
7.    To understanding the power of my many aliases, including, “My name is Non-Disclosure form….hello!”
8.    Understanding how to expose permissible truths from history.