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How inspiring ideas can energise a people into undertaking extraordinary deeds 


By Jebi Rahman

She provided a day by day account of the cycle challenge, including the mileage covered and the people they met along the way.

Many interesting photographs were shown and the audience seem to have found the challenge very inspiring.
During the interactive session, many participants discussed the details of the challenge further and explored potential ideas for being an Amazing Bangladeshi in 2011.

For further details or to make a pledge to do something amazing please contact: 07914119282

Jebi Rahman inspiring participants with details of the successful Sylhet to Cox's Bazar Cycle Challenge, which took place in October - November 2010.

Brick Lane Circle organised a launch event for the Amazing Bangladeshis initiative at the Idea Store Whitechapel on Thursday 16 December 2010, 7-9pm. This was the 39th Anniversary of the 1971 Liberation War Victory.

Muhammad Ahmedullah, secretary of Brick Lane Circle, explained the purpose of the initiative and encouraged everyone to participate. He pointed out that if people from different walks of life and backgrounds with a Bangladeshi origin are inspired to do something amazing then we will all benefit and together we will have made a big difference to the development of Bangaldesh and Bangladeshis during 2011.

People are invited to submit their amazing plans on the website and four events are planned during April, July, October and December 2011 to track the progress of the initiative and celebrate achievements.

Jebi Rahman
Programme Officer, BRAC UK. She recently took part in a seven day cycle challenge from Sylhet to Cox’s Bazaar to raise money for Vision Bangladesh, a BRAC and Sightsavers International initiative to eradicate avoidable blindness in Bangladesh by 2020. The tour was organised by Xperime Adventures and part sponsored by the Akij Group to raise awareness about climate change.

Terrms of Reference

Bangladesh will be forty in 2011 and we want to celebrate our four decades!

  • 1. In 1971 a new country came into existence on the eastern side of India, after a bloody Liberation War that lasted nine months

  • 2. Since independence the people of Bangladesh have made significant strides, overcoming many barriers and difficult challenges

Brick Lane Circle throws a challenge to all Bangladeshis, whether at home or around the world: do something amazing during 2011

1. In our country's fortieth year, we want to show that Bangladeshis can perfect the art of the impossible

2. Wherever we live, in Bangladesh or abroad, as Bangladeshis – all of us, young or old, women or men – we can make 2011 a year of inspiration, achievements and great strides

3. We encourage everyone to aim at becoming an amazing Bangladeshi by initiating an activity whose goals will be remarkable and awe-inspiring

4. It can be an individual or a collective endeavour, aimed at personal development, community benefit or for the good of humankind

5. For example, a student can aim to gain better exam results or an eye surgeon may aspire to help restore the eye sights of many people

6. Goals set for 2011 can either be higher than what would be in normal circumstances or be truly remarkable and awe inspiring.

7. The idea is that you define your own ‘something amazing’

8. There is no judge and jury to decide if something is amazing or not. If its amazing to you then its amazing

9. If people from different walks of life and backgrounds are inspired to do something amazing then we will all benefit from the efforts made

The following four points did not go according to plan.  However, we will organise an event sometimes in 2012 to celebrate the achievements of some amazing Bangladeshis.

10. We will run a website on this and if you tell us your amazing plans then we will record and track their progress during the duration of 2011. We will be happy if you can tell us what amazing thing you are doing by email:

11. At the end of the year, on Friday 16 December 2011, we will organise an event to celebrate the year’s achievements.

12. People are invited to submit their amazing plans on the website

13. We have planned four events during 2011 – in April, July, October and December - to track the progress of the Amazing Bangladeshis initiative and celebrate achievements

Amazing Bangaldeshis - inspiring everyone to become extraordinary

On 10 December 2010 Brick Lane Circle launched the Amazing Bangaldeshis initiatives aimed at inspiring all people of Bangladeshi origin, whether at home or in the Diaspora, to do something amazing during 2011, the fortieth year of the birth of Bangladesh as a new independent country.

A number of people submitted their amazing plans but the whole initiative did not go according to plan.  We will continue to encourage Bangladeshis everywhere to undertake amazing challenges.  On the right are terms of reference set for the Amazing Bangladeshis initiative.  Although they are out of date now but they can still inspire poeple to undertake extraordinary endeavours and act as guiding principles.

Update – 4 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Channel i at Sky 844
Channel i ran an interactive discussion programme on the Amazing Bangladeshis initiative on Monday 3 January 2011 at 9.30pm. A number of viewers phoned in service to ask questions and explore issues.

Amazing Bangladeshis Launch Event

Bangladesh Victory Day - 16 December 2010

How inspiring ideas can energise a people into undertaking extraordinary deeds