Helping to transform the intellectual landscape of the Bangladeshi community in the UK and celebrate the amazing British diversity

B r i c k  L a n e  C i r c l e

Support from Individuals

Over the years literarly hundreds of people supported our activities in a varety of ways:   by speaking at our events (free of charge), helping with publicity, making recommendations, opening doors and so on. We are very grateful for their support. 

To all our supporters and those individuals who gave up their valuable time to come to East London to participate in our seminar programmes or conferences we would like to say thank you (all their names are on our publicity materials in differents sections of the website.

Funding Support

Since 2008 Brick Lane Circle has received external funding to deliver a number of projects. They are:

1.Seminars on Bangladesh and Bangladeshis Abroad - 2007

Supported by Canary Wharf Group Plc with a grant of £500

2. The Battle of Plassey Young People's Project (BPYPP) - 2008/10

Supported by Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) with a grant of £46,000

3.  Knowing One Another Project (KOA) - 2014/15

Suported by Big Lottery Fund with a grant of £9,080

4. Human Stories and the East India Company (HSEIC) - 2015/16

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) with a grant of £47,000

5. Comedy Evenings / Entertainment - 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014

Tower Hamlets Arts Events Fund has supported Brick Lane Circle to organise an annual comedy evenieng / entertainment with grants between £400 and £850 during the seven years.

6.  Bengal History Week - 2014

East End Community Foundation has supported Brick Lane Circle with a grant of £500.

All our other activities are funded by our own (Brick Lane Circle Management) personal contributions, in terms of cash and voluntary time.

External Support

Brick Lane Circle received a range of support and help from various institutions, individuals and funders since 2007.

Inkind Support

Brady Community Arts Centre, Rich Mix Centre, Jagonari Centre, Idea Stores (Whitechapel and Chrisp Street) and Kobi Nazrul Centre provided venue free of charge on several occassions to run our activties.  British Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum of London, National Maritime Museum and London Metropolitan Archives supported our activities and projects in a variety of ways.


Who Are We?

We are a voluntary organisation (company limited by guarantee, founded in 2006) set up to help:

1. Transform the intellectual landscape of the Bangladeshis in the UK and take the community to a new level of confidence and critical engagement with everything relevant for the community’s progress and development.

2. Discover and promote the shared common roots of Britain’s diverse population through research, knowledge sharing and learning about each other’s history, country of origin and experiences in the UK

In order to achieve our objectives we organise seminars, exhibitions and events, and develop and deliver innovative projects and initiatives.


1. Organise seminars, exhibitions, events and activities in the UK to encourage and facilitate research and knowledge generation / dissemination with respect to Bangladesh and Bangladeshis abroad

2. Consider, learn lessons and explore the potentials of the long historical links between Bangladesh and Britain

3. Explore and develop innovative ways of promoting better understanding between the UK Bangladeshi community and the wider diverse multi-faith / multi-cultural communities in Britain

4. Encourage and facilitate better connections between Bangladesh and the UK with respect to education, economics, social, cultur and tourism

5. Engage young people in the UK from diverse backgrounds and generate interest among them to learn more about Bangladesh and Bangladeshis abroad and undertake innovative and exciting projects / activities for mutual benefits

6. Help develop deeper and shared common roots among the UK’s diverse population through research, knowledge sharing and learning about each other’s history, country of origin and experiences in the UK



You can contact Brick Lane Circle by:


Phone:     +447914119282


Lukman Ahmed - Chair

Muhammad Ahmedullah - Secretary

Shamsuzzaman Chowdhury - Treasurer