History and development of Bangla Drama in London
Introductory presentation, based on a very short study

By Dr M Ahmedullah

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A Season of Bangla Drama Seminars

Brick Lane Circle worked with A Season of Bangla Drama to deliver a number of seminars during their 2012 and 2013 drama seasons

Occasional Events

In addition to various annual programmes Brick Lane Circle organises occasional events when we find speakers / scholars visiting London or can only participate during certain times or when opportunitty arises for one off events. The following are the occasional events Brick Lane Circle organised during the last few years:

Dr Joya Chatterji - 2008

World Development Movement - 2008

Sarmila Bose - 2011

Professor Yasmin Saikia - 2012

A Season of Bangla Drama - 2012/13

A Season of Bangla Drama - 2013

Writing plays in Bengali in the Diaspora: My Experiences

12 November 2013

By Ketaki Kushari Dyson

A Season of Bangla Drama - 2012

A Comparative Study :'History  and Development of Bangla Drama in Bangladesh and the UK

15 November 2012

By Dr Nazneen Ahmed and Dr M Ahmedullah

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