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'Untold Stories of the East India Company'

The 'Untold Stories of the East India Company' is the name of book, chosen by the fiction writers.  The book consist of a collection of sixteen fictional stories, based on historical facts, linked to the East India Company.

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Since the launch of the short historical fiction book called ‘Untold Stories and the East India Company’ on 25 March 2017, at the London Metropolitan Archives, we organised a number of book events in various places:

Strawberry Hill House event – 11 May 2017; Bangla Mela at Weavers field- 14 May 2017; Beethoven Centre event – 15 May 2017; Lambeth Library – 17 May 2017; Old Matthias Community Centre event – 23 May 2017; Wellclose Square Saturday Market event – 19 August and 2nd Sept 2017; Tower Hamlets Arts Development and Networking Event - 10 October 2017; Market Drayton Arts Fest event – 28 October 2017; Woolwich Central Library book event – 28 November 2017.

We thought that, as the First Voyage of the East India Company left Woolwich (South East London) in February 1601, with five ships, one of which was a victual vassal, under the leadership of Captain James Lancaster, it would be a good idea to end the project with an event in Woolwich.

With support from a local group called Greenwich Coalition for Equality and Human Rights, the Woolwich Central Library enthusiastically invited us to deliver a book event and an exhibition at the library. They were particularly interested in welcoming us due to the Woolwich connection with the First Voyage of the East India Company, which very few people in the area knew anything about.

We delivered our exhibition on the project at the Woolwich Central Library on 21 November 2017, which continued to be displayed until Christmas.  We delivered a book event, which included presentations, author readings and dramatised performance by some young volunteers.

The event was well attended and the discussion with the audience was extremely interesting and valuable
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From Facts to Fictions a short documentary made by two trainee film-makers (Renata Torok and Mohd M. Rahman), with support from a professional in the field (Turab Shah).

The documentary is about the 'Human Stories and the East India Company' project, a unique project that sought to utilise the medium of fiction writing to learn about history and our shared long common heritage, between the UK and many countries around the world east of present day South Africa.

The project engaged more than twenty people from diverse backgrounds and provided them with training, mentoring support and information about sources of information on the East India Company. The participants spent time studying history, getting inspired by human stories and then writing fictions based on facts. The project worked with Four Corners Film, which was very keen to engage their trainees to work on our video documentary project. Video


“Wow, how incredible, I didn’t know that such a thing even existed”, said a fellow visitor to the Clive Museum in North Wales. Continued

Project Completion
From Woolwich February 1601 to Woolwich November 2017

Bangladesh 2021:
A critical history


A challenge to all Bangladeshis –

help produce fifty great works of Bangladeshi history in five years

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We had a great launch of the project yesterday at the Idea Store Whitechapel. The turnout and the levels of interest were fantastic. The invited speakers introduced the East India Company and talked about many interesting stories associated with its history.  They also discussed about various collections and records of the East India Company. Two historical fiction writers shared their experiences of writing historical fiction. We look forward to receiving many applications, from a wide range of individuals from our diverse communities, to become volunteer heritage interpreters / historical fiction writers for the project.

This initiative was part of a project ran by Brick Lane Circle called the Battle of Plassey Young People's Project, developed to encourage more research and learning about the shared past of Britain and Bengal / Bangladesh - funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Three of the eight young researchers attended the event to collect the award if successful. They are: Lothifa Chowdhury, Ruhana Ali and Atif Kazi,who were thrilled when they found out that we won.

You can get the full list of winners of the Channel S Awards 2011 by clicking below:

Channel S Awards 2011


MONDAY 23TH MAY 2016, 6.30-8.30PM
Lab 1a, Idea Store Whitechapel, London 321 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1BU

This project will utilise the medium of drama to engage members of London's diverse communities to explore their multi-cultural / ethnic, multi-faith and multi-generational communities and learn more about each other's problems, experiences and success stories. The insights gained by the participants will then be shared widely.  The project seeks to make a positive contribution towards improving community cohesion and promoting better understanding between London's diverse communities.

Channel S Awards 2011

On the evening of 7 April 2011 Channel S held its annual awards at their mega studio in Walthamstow, where guests, celebrities and presenters created an amazing must be at event. Brick Lane Circle was among 19 categories of winners. The award to Brick Lane Circle was for Achievement in Education Research / Teaching, which was in recognition for publishing the book called Plassey's Legacy, researched and written by eight young people aged 18-25.

Images from the Bengal History Week 2014