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Helping to transform the intellectual landscape of the Bangladeshi community in the UK and discover and celebrate the shared common roots of Britain's diversity


The London-based East India Company had a major impact on Asian and British lives for more than two centuries and now a group of volunteer researchers from Tower Hamlets are setting out to uncover the human stories, backed by a £47,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).Brick Lane Circle will engage twelve community volunteers (heritage interpreters / historical fiction writers) to explore East India Company records and objects, discover important information about events, individuals and institutions, and write about human stories behind the Company's operations that linked Britain with Asia from 1600 when the British first arrived until the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny in the British Indian Army, also considered by many to be the first war of independence.

Images from the Bengal History Week 2014 programme (18-26 October 2014)

Channel S Awards 2011

On the evening of 7 April 2011 Channel S held its annual awards at their mega studio in Walthamstow, where guests, celebrities and presenters created an amazing must be at event. Brick Lane Circle was among 19 categories of winners. The award to Brick Lane Circle was for Achievement in Education Research / Teaching, which was in recognition for publishing the book called Plassey's Legacy, researched and written by eight young people aged 18-25.

Knowing One Another

Knowing One Another is a volunteer led research project by the Brick Lane Circle which aims to build better relationships between the various communities that live in London. The project is funded by the Big Lottery fund and will be publishing a book depicting and informing readers of the various stories of different communities that live in London. By bringing the voices of the diverse communities of London together in one platform, Knowing one Another aims to challenge the negative stereotypes and prejudices faced by different communities while simultaneously offering a space to share the diverse experiences and stories.


This initiative was part of a project ran by Brick Lane Circle called the Battle of Plassey Young People's Project, developed to encourage more research and learning about the shared past of Britain and Bengal / Bangladesh - funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Three of the eight young researchers attended the event to collect the award if successful. They are: Lothifa Chowdhury, Ruhana Ali and Atif Kazi,who were thrilled when they found out that we won.

You can get the full list of winners of the Channel S Awards 2011 by clicking below:

Channel S Awards 2011

Who should apply to volunteer?
Ordinary members of London’s diverse communities, with a special focus on people living in East London, and from different walks-of-life, are invited to apply. This project is particularly suitable for individuals who are interested in developing their knowledge on the heritage of East India Company and skills in creative writing. We are not looking for professional or established historians or writers to join the project. Please click for information, an application form and work plan. Closing date: Monday 20 April 2015.